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Top 5 Reasons Why You Want to Stay at Shorebreak Resorts This Summer

With locations across Ocean City and Sea Isle City, New Jersey, Shorebreak Resorts is here to serve you the best. A relaxing vacation will be the perfect recipe to make memories that will last a lifetime. Our amenities range from cozy inns and upscale suites; each has its own unique way of welcoming you.

1. We Have Something For Everyone

Coastal atmosphere, a laid-back spirit, and endless relaxation are what we are known for bringing you. Our amenities will help you and your loved ones kick back and enjoy some much needed rest and relaxation. Starting with our free parking for each room. Parking down the shore does not have to be a hassle or cut into your vacation time and budget when you stay at one of our properties.

We offer many rooms whether you are accompanied by a significant other, family, or friends. All of our rooms come with necessities like toiletries, towels, and a comfortable room to give you a home away from home feeling. In each unit, we offer free wifi, air conditioning, cable television, and the option for maid service. Convenient is something we strive to be, which means checking in is available at any time of the week. No more waiting around to check-in, just come on in, and we will get you started on your vacation.

2. Location, Location, Location!

When it comes to the perfect spot for a vacation, we know the location and cost matter the most. With that being said, our rooms are located 1-2 blocks away from the best beaches in New Jersey. In Sea Isle City, The Dunes is just a block away from the beach on 86th & Landis Ave. As for Ocean City, our light and airy properties include the Ebb Tides, Impala Island Inn, soon-to-be Impala Suites, and the Wild Dunes Inn. All remain on the same street (10th Street). When you stay at one of our locations in Ocean City, we will provide you with beach tags for all registered adults for the duration of your stay!

3. Restaurants, Stores, & More

We all love to explore sought after places in an area that we have yet to embark on. Or maybe you frequent the Jersey Shore every summer with the hopes of browsing your favorite seaside boutiques and mouth-watering restaurants that you look forward to grabbing a bite at all year long. In Ocean City, our rooms are just a short walk away from the downtown shopping area on Asbury Avenue. While there, you will find delicious food, treats, thrifty shops filled with coastal keepsakes, clothes, and home decor. Get a good start to your day with The Chatterbox located on 9th Street and Central Avenue. As for entertainment, our locations are steps away from the famou Boardwalk of Ocean City.

In Sea Isle City, The Dunes is located in the heart of the beloved Townsends Inlet area. The restaurants in this vicinity are all nearby and will be able to satisfy all of your cravings. Conveniently located on the first floor of The Dunes is Beachwood Restaurant. Stop by their outdoor area, Beachwood on the Rocks, for a perfectly curated happy hour cocktail, enjoy live music, and grab a bite to eat after a long day relaxing by the ocean. The accessibility is there, and if you need to travel further, we have one more surprise for you.

4. All Aboard the Jitney!

Vacation expenses can be unpredictable and sometimes they build up more than anticipated. We don’t want you to waste money on ubers or be confined to just the beach and your room. New this year is our FREE jitney service. Yes, we mean it! The jitney service is available for a limited time (July 1st - September 7th) and will run every day of the week. The first stop is 5 PM, and the last drop off will be 12AM. In Sea Isle City, the pick-up and drop off location is in front of Beachwood at The Dunes. In Ocean City, the pick-up and drop off location is at the parking lot of the Impala Island Inn, just steps from the Boardwalk. There are no additional stops along the way. This service is exclusive to guests at any Shorebreak locations!

5. It’s Never Too Late

With the school year and following holiday season approaching, it’s never too late to book that one last trip. Most families will leave the beach by August to get their kids ready for the year, which means fewer crowds and still beautiful weather. Crowded beaches can put a damper on your vacation but when you book your stay later in the summer, you’ll have more of the beach and town to yourself! If you are not able to make it down by the end of the summer, then head to the beach in the fall! It’s one of the best ways to wind down from a long work week or a great long weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of your everyday routine. The fall season down the shore is arguably the best time of year to be there. It offers gorgeous sunsets, crisp air for you to take in while enjoying a morning walk on the beach, or grabbing a cup of coffee before hitting the boutiques along with memories to be made.

Our booking is made easy for anyone to explore room options and understand what is included. Sometimes it is easier to give us a call to guide you through any questions that you might have. If you want to relax or celebrate with us, we are here to help.

No matter the size of your accommodations, Shorebreak Resorts is here to satisfy your needs. Each location offers a unique coastal aesthetic to spend time with the ones that mean the most to you. We have exactly what you need and maybe even a little more to create memories that will last forever.

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