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Ludlam Island, where Sea Isle was founded, was once a barrier island for animals to graze until purchased in 1880 by visionary Charles K. Landis. When Landis founded Sea Isle City, he wanted to create a desirable and charming place for people to vacation by the coast. The town of Sea Isle quickly became a major fishing and tourist attraction and has been thriving ever since. With lively entertainment, activities, watersports, events, shops, bars, restaurants, and the promenade, there is fun for every age all day and night. Explore this lovable, coastal community and it’ll soon become a favorite, like it has for so many others! 


When the barrier island now known as Ocean City was purchased from a fisherman in the late 1800s, it was developed with the intention of being a seaside resort people could visit with their families. Today, it holds the nickname of “America’s Greatest Family Resort '', so it’s no surprise that Ocean City, New Jersey brings in visitors from all over the country year after year. With an abundance of restaurants, shops, activities, water sports, camps, amusement parks, and a boardwalk just as popular as its beaches, you will come to know and love what so many others do about this charming, coastal town. 

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