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Exclusive service for guests of Shorebreak Resorts.

Seven days a week Memorial Day through Labor Day.

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Sea Isle City 

Sea Isle City now has two stops! The pick-up and drop off locations are at the Ludlam Bar & Grill, and Beachwood Bar & Restaurant. Both are the same locations for Ludlam Hotel & The Dunes! Reservations recommended. Learn more at

Ocean City

The pick-up and drop off location is in the parking lot of the Impala Island Inn, in the heart of Ocean City- just steps from the exciting Ocean City Boardwalk. It's a wonderful option for families and friends alike!

Guests must show their room key to get on the Jitney. Since this service is exclusive to Shorebreak Resorts, the Jitney will not make any additional stops along the way other than what is mentioned above. We will do our best to be prompt, but please allot a 15 minute window after the estimated pick-up/drop-off times!

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